What you can do support the fight for federal funding

The National Education Association (NEA) needs your help to get the funding necessary to save educators’ jobs and prevent students from losing good teachers and education support professionals.

To help, go to NEA’s new Education Votes website to share your story about what is happening in higher to education jobs even as the economy slowly begins to recover from the Great Recession.

It is critical to include the higher education perspective on this situation, so please click here to share your story, and we can build support to keep education jobs, and hire the new faculty and staff our colleges and universities need in the coming year.

The site also hosts a petition to support the “Keep Our Educators Working Act”

The key to getting the funding approved by Congress involves demonstrating to Senators—who are extremely “budget deficit” conscious these days—the huge impact not passing an education jobs funding bill would have on public schools and the economy as a whole. The more stories we can present to lawmakers from a cross-section of the country, the more successful we will be.