CFA Resolution Opposing “Student Success” Fees and other Campus-Based Fees

Approved by the CFA Assembly, on April 13, 2014

Whereas the mission of public higher education is designed to serve the common good by providing affordable and accessible high quality education, and

Whereas the massive decline in state funding has resulted in nearly a 300% increase in system-wide student fees in the last decade in the California State University, and

Whereas, in addition to the increase in system wide student fees, several campuses have proposed or already implemented ’student success’ fees in the past few years which have placed additional financial burdens on many students, and

Whereas, the cost of “student success fees,” in some cases hundreds of dollars per term, has been imposed often without the knowledge, and without a vote of, the students on the campus, and this is a undemocratic process, and

Whereas the rapid proliferation of campus based fees stands in stark contrast with Governor Brown’s decision to freeze state student fees for four years, and

Therefore, be it resolved, CFA opposes campus-based “student success” fees as an additional and unnecessary tax on students and their families, and calls on the CSU Chancellor White and the CSU Trustees to rescind these fees and continue to advocate for more statewide funding to provide the badly needed services, classes, and faculty needed to provide a high quality public higher education.