Open Letter to the CSU Board of Trustees
Labor Representative on the Stakeholder Advisory Committee


November 20, 2019


CSU Board of Trustees
Office of the Chancellor
The California State University
401 Golden Shore
Long Beach, CA  90802


Dear Board of Trustees,

We write to ask that you restructure the Stakeholder Advisory Committee to add a Labor representative to this body.  The leadership of the CSU Labor Council, including representatives from Academic Professionals of California, California Faculty Association, California State University Employees Union, Teamsters, and United Auto Workers submit this request collectively on behalf of the CSU’s 49,000 union workers.

The Stakeholder Advisory Committee serves in concert with the Special Committee to Consider the Selection of the Chancellor, to search for a new CSU leader to replace retiring Chancellor Tim White.  While the Committee includes representatives from faculty, staff, students, alumni and campus presidents, there is no committee member selected to represent the unique perspective of Labor. If this omission was intentional, it bodes poorly for future labor relations at the CSU, particularly as collective bargaining begins with nearly all of the CSU Unions.

CSU Trustees have heralded their dedication to inclusion, diversity and shared decision making with all stakeholders; but that commitment has not translated into action.  The exclusion of a Labor representative on the Committee is a glaring omission.  Inclusion means including ALL stakeholders.  Shared decision-making means inviting ALL stakeholders to contribute to decision making.  Diversity not only means involving a wide range of social identities; it means assembling varied perspectives that encompass a variety of disciplines and campus roles.

Labor organizations protect employee rights, provide equal opportunity, advocate for physical and mental well-being and safety, and promote diversity.  Though there may be some overlap between a labor representative and the faculty/staff committee members, each are looking for different qualities and representing different perspectives and stakeholders.  We also question the Board’s intent and transparency when representatives are chosen FOR stakeholder groups, and not BY them.  This is a disturbing move by a publicly funded institution.

We ask that you correct this oversight, and allow the CSU’s Labor Unions to choose amongst ourselves a Labor representative to sit as a full member of the Stakeholder Advisory Committee.

The CSU Labor Council