Resolution authorizing a strike vote

Resolved: The Board of Directors of the California Faculty Association authorizes, as recommended by the bargaining team, a strike vote to be held on all 23 campuses between April 16 and April 27, 2012. The vote will ask the faculty to give the Board of Directors the authority to call for a series of two-day rolling strikes should mediation and fact finding fail to yield a fair settlement. The voting process will allow for both electronic and in-person secret ballots.

The California Faculty Association initially proposed an extension of the current contract which the CSU administration brushed aside. For eighteen months the CFA Bargaining Team has worked hard to reach a fair and equitable labor agreement with the CSU administration. While the team continues to hope that the statutory process—mediation and fact finding–will yield positive results, the California Faculty Association’s Board of Directors believes that the time has come to prepare our members and our campuses for all contingencies—including the need to strike.