CFA Hardship Fund

The purpose of the CFA hardship fund is to provide some financial relief for members who, because of lost salary due to strike action, are experiencing immediate and dire financial consequences.

The fund’s goal is not to make up for all the lost income for the strike period, but to provide some relief for members in significant need.

This fund shall apply only for the April 2016 CFA strike, unless the CFA Board of Directors decides to maintain or adapt it for future strikes.

Contributions: You can donate to help

Individuals or organizations may contribute to the hardship fund, subject to applicable tax laws

Leftover funds: Any balance of monies remaining in the CFA Hardship Fund following distributions shall go towards training opportunities (such as conferences, guest speakers, etc.) associated with the CFA student intern program. No contributions will be returned to donors.

Member Eligibility & Other Information

To be eligible to receive funds applicants must:

  • Be an active CFA member (not a fee payer) for six months or longer immediately prior to the strike, or be an active CFA member (not a fee payer) hired for the first time in the Winter/Spring term of the 2015-16 academic year.
  • Provide documentation to the CFA Hardship Committee (see below) that their CSU pay was docked for strike activity.

Strike Hardship Fund Criteria

Hardship funds may be distributed to eligible CFA members if they can demonstrate immediate and dire financial hardship due to loss of pay during the April 2016 strike, such as:

  • Any or all of their utilities (phone, basic internet, water, electricity, gas) will be shut off if they do not make a minimum payment. Applicants will have to show that they have attempted to defer the shut-off of the utility in question through negotiations, yet despite those efforts discontinuance of service is imminent.
  • They will be evicted from their home, or have a foreclosure enforced, if they do not make a minimum payment. Applicants will have to show they have attempted to defer the eviction through negotiations, yet despite those efforts eviction is imminent.

If applicants qualify for any of the situations listed above, the Hardship Fund Committee is authorized to distribute up to $100 per day (for a full time applicant) or a pro-rated amount (for a less than full-time applicant) for each day of pay the applicant was docked because of the strike.

Hardship Fund Committee

The Hardship Fund Committee shall consist of five emeriti CFA members, including both tenured and lecturer emeritus appointed by the CFA Board of Directors.

Application Deadline

The Applicants must use the official Strike Hardship Fund application form that will be made available after the strike.  All explanations on the form must be supported by documents submitted with the form.  The completed form and supporting documents must be mailed to the address on the form.

Applicants must apply within 30 days of the payday that pay was docked.


If an application is turned down by the Committee, the applicant may appeal to the CFA Board of Directors.