We are an anti-racism and social justice union of 29,000 professors, lecturers, librarians, counselors, and coaches who teach and provide services to the California State University system’s 485,000 students on all 23 CSU campuses. Throughout 2023, we are bargaining with CSU management on selected portions of our contract (Articles 20, 23, 31, and 37). During this “re-opener bargaining,” we are negotiating for community well-being, safety on campus, appropriate workload, adequate and humane paid parental leave, and wages that keep pace with the cost of living and set a livable minimum standard for our lowest paid faculty. We are fighting against management’s self-defeating austerity policies that serve to shift funding away from classrooms, labs, libraries, athletics, and counseling centers. Stay up-to-date on re-opener bargaining at www.CFAbargaining.org.

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