Salary Estimator
Faculty: This info can help determine your salary with adjustments from the Ratified Salary Agreement

The salary agreement for 2017-18 includes:

  • 3.5% GSI (General Salary Increase), effective July 1. This raise is applicable to all faculty and will be reflected in August 2017 paychecks.
  • 2.65% SSI (Service Salary Increase), effective on eligible employees’ anniversary date during the 2017-18 fiscal year (ending June 30, 2018)
  • First year implementation of a special Range Elevation agreement for Lecturer faculty. The details about this agreement can be found here.
How to calculate the change you’ll see in starting in your August paycheck:

[BASE PAY] x .035 = Increase salary amount


EX: If Allen earns $3,000 per month before the GSI, his new monthly base pay would be $3,105. If the SSI Max for his rank or range is $3,500, Allen may be eligible for an SSI (see below).  If he is, then on  his anniversary date, his new base pay would be $3,187 .

SSI Eligibility

Faculty are eligible to receive the SSI if their base salary is below the “SSI Max” salary rate for their rank or range and appointment type. If the base salary is less than 2.65% below the SSI Max rate, a partial SSI may be awarded. See below for more about the SSI Max.

Lecturers are eligible if they have taught 24 semester WTUs or 36 quarter WTUs in a single department or unit since being appointed, or since receiving a previous SSI or range elevation.

Note: faculty who received Faculty Merit Increases (FMI) as part of the 1998-2001 collective bargaining agreement should subtract the FMI award amounts from their base pay to determine

SSI Max Rates

The “SSI Max” rates are adjusted by the same amount as the GSI, each time a GSI goes into effect. This summary of the salary schedule, effective July 1, 2017 shows the SSI Max rates for each range. 

For example, the SSI Max for the academic year Associate Professor rank and Lecturer C range is $90,336. Faculty with a base salary below this amount may be eligible for a full or partial SSI this year.

When in doubt, faculty should consult with their campus payroll office.