Unconscious Bias Training


A Journey Into Change: An Unconscious Bias Workshop

This workshop, developed and created by a task force of CFA’s Council for Affirmative Action (CAA), is an ongoing training intended to foster an environment wherein we can recruit and retain a more diverse faculty workforce and decrease workplace hostility. 

This is not your typical ‘diversity’ workshop. Through academic research methods and sharing of personal experiences, we teach participants to recognize their own subconscious, hidden or previously unknown biases and preferences. Participants then learn ways to transform the system we work in by changing our own behavior, or commenting on others’ behavior, so that these biases and preferences no longer perpetuate a system of discrimination.

The resources and documents on this page are intended to exemplify our Unconscious Bias Training, and are proprietary to CFA’s Council for Affirmative Action. 

For more information, contact Cecil Canton, CFA’s Associate Vice President of Affirmative Action, Maureen Loughran, CFA Field Representative, or Audrena Redmond, CFA Field Representative.