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CFA Campus Faculty Rights Chairs

CFA is dedicated to preserving faculty rights.

Each campus has an appointed Faculty Rights Chair.  These faculty are there to assist the membership in exercising your rights. 

If you have a concern, you should contact your campus faculty rights chair to find out if the concern is a violation of your rights under the contract and the steps to be taken to address the concern.

If your concern is not a violation of the contract, there may be other ways to address the concern.

To find your campus faculty rights chair simply click on your campus to the the left of this post.

The information and resources links below are provided to help members know about our rights, which is the first step towards preserving them.

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It can be a challenge to understand the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA or the contract), between CFA and the CSU administration. Yet, the contract is an essential document that protects our rights and benefits at work.

Some of the most important topics addressed by the contract are those that guarantee “due process” protections for faculty. These protections establish ground rules regarding personnel action files, evaluations and sundry university personnel decisions and actions.

To ensure that faculty get a fair hearing when we feel that due process has been violated, the CBA establishes a grievance procedure for the faculty.

If the grievance procedure does not resolve the problem, the contract also contains a binding arbitration clause, which allows faculty to present before an impartial third party a challenge to those administration decisions that are arbitrary, capricious or prejudicial. 

For this reason, it is critical that you know your rights, and that you come to CFA when problems arise. You must know your rights in order to stand up for them.

The rights for the faculty that are contained in the contract exist only as a result of the arduous process of collective bargaining between CFA and the CSU administration.