CFA is a union dedicated to economic, political, and cultural transformation through collective bargaining and anti-racism and social justice organizing. Our power as a union comes from the diverse experiences and identities which make up the whole of who we are, together.

In 2022, CFA established an Art Organizing Committee. Its first collaborative art project — engaging CFA members and staff — was the publication of a short chapbook. As artists, writers, dancers, meme makers, and creative thinkers, we know that art, in all of its expressions, is about connection. Art lets us communicate more deeply, helps us see new perspectives, and helps us imagine and dream.

CFA Chapbook v. 1: We Rise, Move, Build, Sing, Make, Work Together

The first CFA chapbook features a variety of art from over 30 contributors, but most importantly, it tells a collective story. Telling our stories is how we build solidarity with each other, within the labor movement. Below, scroll through chapbook excerpts, or contact your chapter field representative to order a hardcopy.

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Your story is important. Together we are CFA.

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