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The California Faculty Association works closely with students on CSU campuses to keep California’s largest public higher education system affordable and accessible.

Rising student debt, soaring tuition/student fees, and over-policing of students of color are contradictory to The California Master Plan for Higher Education.

The Tim Sampson Intern Program, Students for Quality Education, and CFA work closely to protect the CSU.

Since its inception, the Student Intern Program has had many victories, including stopping and rolling back excessive campus-based fees, a CSU-wide tuition freeze, and increasing legislative funding to the CSU.

Mural painting of Students for Quality Education.

Mission Statement: Tim Sampson Intern Program

The Tim Sampson Student Internship Program was established to create a statewide effort for students and faculty to build an ongoing partnership around issues critical to the California State University (CSU).

The Student Intern Program creates an opportunity for students to build ties with student groups on their campus, their general campus population, and the movement for educational rights in higher education.

The program enables our interns to work closely with the California Faculty Association (CFA) leaders, which provides students the opportunity to learn organizing and leadership skills.

Students work with other students on campus to educate them about CFA and mobilize support for issues that affect all of us in the CSU. The student internship program was created to help preserve the mission of the CSU as “the People’s University” where students from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds can receive a high quality education at an affordable cost.

SQE: CSU Students for Quality Education

Students for Quality Education (SQE) was formed during the 2007-08 school year by students in the California State University (CSU) system to build the student movement for educational rights in public higher education. We were assisted in our efforts by California Faculty Association leaders.

Our movement for educational justice in the CSU is not new. Students in the 1960s fought to open up the University for working families and immigrant students. They demanded high quality and relevant education, and badly needed student services such as the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP). From this movement, the CSU grew to become the People’s University, open to all who met the basic requirements for entrance.

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CFA Student Organizer Internship Application

To apply, please fill out the online application and attach a resume and two references.  Must be a current student to apply.

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