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Membership in your union – the California Faculty Association – helps ensure continued advocacy on behalf of faculty at the California State University. Join thousands of instructional faculty, librarians, counselors, and coaches to protect academic freedom, faculty rights, safe workplaces, higher education, student learning, and fight for racial and social justice.

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California State University faculty have built our union into an advocate for fairness in our daily teaching, librarian, counseling, and coaching work.

CSU faculty organized CFA in 1983 to give faculty the power to bargain a fair contract, protect our rights, and ensure our role in shared governance.  Since then, through CFA, CSU faculty have made historic gains:

  • better salaries
  • defined-benefit pensions
  • quality health insurance
  • better working conditions
  • increased state funding to provide quality education for our students

Other benefits of being a CFA member:

  • Strength comes in numbers. Every CFA member means a stronger faculty voice for our concerns and allows us to negotiate the best possible contract.
  • Unity helps us move forward as we protect our gains, especially in salaries, access to health insurance and pensions, our rights as faculty, and our job security.
  • Relationship building. Membership and participation in CFA allows faculty to shape the union and build relationships across the CSU, public education, and California.
  • Participation is at the core. We shape our union through involvement in our campus CFA chapters. We vote in elections for chapter leaders and delegates to assemblies where policy is set. We vote on ratification of contracts.
  • Anti-racism and social justice are central to CFA’s work and values. CFA promotes racial and social justice in our union and in our university, thereby challenging systems of racial oppression and social inequity.
  • Shared governance and better academic policies mean CFA members work alongside the CSU Academic Senates, and we advocate for legislation and funding essential to our CSU.
  • Through our members’ work over the last several years, we negotiated statewide and campus MOUs concerning COVID-19 to safeguard faculty health, safety, and rights; bargained expansion of protections in our contract for lecturers, coaches, and counselors; advocated for improved state funding for the CSU which preserved courses, class size, and faculty jobs; successfully lobbied the state employee pension fund (CalPERS) to remove investments from the two main companies running child migrant detention centers.

Membership Resources

CFA members enjoy a variety of member-only advantages, available through our affiliates. These include discounts, programs, and special offers that add up to substantial savings. To learn more about these and other offers, explore the links below. To take advantage of these offers, be sure to identify yourself as a CFA or affiliate member when you contact the provider.

There are disaster relief funds available directly through CFA and displaced members should contact CFA directly for further information.

The CFA Board of Directors has set aside limited financial resources to provide support to members who have experienced hardship as a result of disasters such as fires, floods, and earthquakes. The goal of this fund is not to replace insurance or governmental assistance, but to provide a supplemental reimbursement for those unusual costs which often stretch our budgets. This fund is retroactive to June 2019.

Available Assistance

Eligible members can receive three types of assistance up to the maximum amount(s):

Housing Assistance: Cost of temporary housing or repair to existing housing. Maximum assistance amount: $1,000 per CFA member.

Other Needs Assistance: Costs of disaster-related expenses and serious needs including medical and dental expenses, funeral and burial costs, repair or replacement of household items such as clothing, furniture, necessary occupational tools and educational materials, costs for clean-up, excess utility costs, and other disaster-related expenditures. Maximum assistance amount: $1,500 per CFA member.

Catastrophic Damages Assistance: In the event where damages exceed $50,000, an additional maximum assistance amount of $1,500 will be provided per CFA member.

No single member shall receive more than $4,000 in assistance (per incident). Members sharing living quarters or otherwise sharing financial responsibility for each other must submit forms separately.

Eligibility Requirements

Membership: The CFA membership office will verify you are a member in good standing. A “member of good standing” means you have been a dues-paying CFA member for a minimum of six months in the last two years. The months of membership do not need to be consecutive.

Incurred Loss: Your current or previous residence must have been located in a California city or county affected by the disaster during the last eighteen (18) months and any losses claimed should have been caused by the natural disaster or its immediate consequences*.

Documentation: Actual receipts or other third-party documentation for the amounts being requested must be provided to document an actual expense. This may include service orders for repairs completed, rent statements, cancelled checks, or other statements from vendors and service providers. Receipts can only be submitted once per member.

All documentation should include a name, address, and phone number for the service provider or retailer, who must actually receive payment from you for the service or item.

For Catastrophic Damages Assistance, proof of damages exceeding $50,000 is required.

(For example: we cannot reimburse for repairs performed by a neighbor or family member even if they provide you with an “invoice” for the value of the repairs unless you actually paid cash for the service.)

Application Instructions

Complete the application and submit. If you have any questions send an email to:

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Ways to Join CFA

Current dues for Active CFA members are 1.35% of gross CSU salary.* You have a choice of ways to sign up for CFA membership.

*Minimum monthly dues are $10. The voluntary CFA PAC and/or CFA Political Issues Committee contributions are $5/$10 per month, depending on income.

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