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The Bargaining Team is responsible for conducting all collective bargaining negotiations on behalf of CFA with the Trustees of the CSU. Members are listed below.

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Meet your CFA Bargaining Team and learn how you can help support negotiations. Visit CFAbargaining.org for up-to-date information on bargaining, research on hot topics, and proposals from both CFA and the CSU.
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Margarita Berta-Avila

CFA Vice President; Sacramento State

Diane Blair

CFA Secretary; Fresno State University

Michele Ramos-Pellicia

CFA Associate Vice President, South; CSU San Marcos

Dave Colnic

CFA Associate Vice President, North; CSU Stanislaus

Chris Cox

CFA Associate Vice President, Racial & Social Justice, North; San Jose State

“If you look at the (CFA) Bargaining Team from 2008 when I started and at the Bargaining Team now, it’s a very different team. It’s a team that is much more representative of all our students and faculty around the system. And it really is, I think, a symbolic, but very visible representation of our unions’ transformation towards anti-racism and social justice as a lens for how we look at everything we do.”

Kevin Wehr, Vice President
Chair of the Bargaining Team
Sacramento State
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