Want to protect your pension and healthcare benefits? Make sure you vote in the CalPERS Board Special Election.

CFA members are eligible to vote in the election to determine representation on the governing body for the California Public Employees’ Retirement System. CFA has joined SEIU locals, firefighters, teachers, and healthcare workers in endorsing pro-labor candidate Mullissa Willette. Ballots are due May 16.

Since 2012, Willette has helped make tax determinations on billions of dollars of property tax claims for the Santa Clara County Assessor’s Office. She believes that budgets are statement of values. She advocates for more diversity, inclusion, and equity in investment decisions. Willette also urges CalPERS and institutional investors to mitigate financial risks tied to climate change.  

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“Mullissa Willette brings a wealth of experience in protecting pensions and healthcare benefits.  As First Vice President of SEIU Local 521, she has repeatedly demonstrated her commitment to the values we share. She also has the requisite financial, professional, and educational background to make informed decisions as a CalPERS Board member,” said Steven Filling, chair of CFA’s Political Action and Legislative Committee.

Learn more about Willette and her values here.

Ballots were mailed out last week. Voting is open until May 16. You can mail in your ballot or vote online or by phone. For more information, visit the CalPERS website.

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