We are within a week of a decisive election, and over half of CFA members have already voted!  That matches statewide trends of high early voting, where about 2.5 times more people have voted early compared to 2016.

In these final days, CFA is doubling down on efforts to encourage people to vote.  Three California ballot initiatives are neck and neck, each within five points of going our way.  These include the effort to close a corporate property tax loophole and recapture an estimated $12 billion annually for public schools and services (YES on Proposition 15); the bid to reinstate affirmative action and move toward opportunity for all (YES on Proposition 16); and the fight to beat back gig companies’ efforts to steal protections and benefits from working people (NO on Proposition 22).

“These races are coming down to the wire. Each text we send, phone call we make, and campaign flier we drop at voters’ doors could put us over the top,” said Steven Filling, CFA Political Action and Legislative Committee Chair. “This is our chance to chip away at the systemic racism that denies opportunities to all Californians. This is a community effort of CFA members and officers and your community needs your help.  Your participation can make the difference in CFA making the difference.”

There’s still time to get involved with CFA, and to volunteer in your community to Get Out the Vote. 

Though a record number of people are submitting their ballots early, voters between the ages of 18 and 34 are lagging behind.  For resources to help boost the youth vote, click here.

If you’re still filling out your ballot, check out CFA’s endorsements.

And a last minute reminder that you can look up places to drop off your mail ballot and locate polling places.  Don’t forget, you can register to vote on the same day you vote.

Anyone who encounters problems casting their ballot can read about their rights and find information on an election protection hotline here.


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