CFA leaders met with management to discuss changes to the interim COVID-19 Vaccination Policy as the Omicron variant has caused in-person delays on most campuses

All faculty will be required to update their vaccination certification to include receipt of boosters by February 28.

Some campuses are pushing for earlier dates, and many faculty members have already updated their vaccination status. However, no one should be considered out of compliance or at risk for discipline until February 28.

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At least 18 CSU campuses have delayed in-person instruction for several weeks. Other campuses have not and reopened face-to-face and in-person. Both approaches pose challenges for faculty and students. Faculty being directed to show up in person fear exposure and rightly so given the highly transmissible nature of Omicron. On the other hand, some faculty have learned in the past two years that some topics are so difficult to teach remotely that in-person instruction (even with the risks) is preferable. We support faculty making safe decisions on modality of learning through these trying times. Please consider filing grievances if work situations are unsafe or unreasonable.

Mask mandates are being updated on some campuses to require N95 or KN95 masks, and in such instances, the campuses should provide them.

Some members are asking about testing on campuses. System-wide, students and employees with vaccine exemptions have been required to be tested at least weekly this entire academic year. There is no system-wide approach to testing vaccinated students and employees. Nevertheless, a few campuses are making tests available. In addition, the federal government has made tests available, [insert link].

Finally, CFA and its members continue to advocate for COVID-19 leave for all CSU employees when they are sick with COVID-19 or have to care for family members who are sick or unable to access school and childcare programs due to the ongoing pandemic. Along with other labor groups, CFA sent a letter to the Chancellor demanding extended leave programs.

Some positive statewide developments: Governor Newsom and state lawmakers reached an agreement on Tuesday to again require employers to provide workers with up to two weeks of COVID-19 paid leave. CFA and our labor union siblings have been advocating for statewide COVID-19 leave.

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