Elections for four statewide positions will be voted on during CFA’s Fall Assembly.

Political Action & Legislation Committee: Two members will be elected to the PA/Leg Committee for a three-year term (2023 – 2026).

AAUP Representative North: One member will be elected for a two-year term (2022 – 2024).

Audit Committee Member: One member will be elected for a three-year term (2022 – 2025).

Candidates may declare at this time, or they may wait until nominations are taken from the CFA Assembly floor. Nominations for this position will close during the first session at CFA’s 2022 Fall Assembly.

CFA members need not be members of the CFA Assembly to run for office or to nominate an individual. Individuals nominated by a second party must submit a written acceptance to the Elections Committee.

Questions should be referred to the Elections Committee Chair: elections@calfac.org.

Call for Nominations Form.

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