2020 has been one of the bumpiest rides in recent times, and the ride is not yet over.

Health officials are on edge while infections and deaths related to COVID-19 are on the rise across California and the nation. Many hospitals predict they will run out of available beds and ventilators. Please be safe, wear your facemasks, and limit your physical contact with others.

This far-reaching public health pandemic is pushing CFA members’ resilience, stress levels, and coping mechanisms to the brink.  In these bizarre times of upheaval, know that your union is thinking about you.

“Throughout this pandemic, all of our faculty have stepped up, to do what we always do: provide quality instruction and quality service to our students. And you have provided support and comfort to one another,” said CFA President Charles Toombs. “You have done this while heeding all public health guidelines for your well-being and safety. As the pandemic soars, I know you will continue to take care of yourselves and your students. I wish you all peace and rest as you spend a very different winter break with family and friends. I am honored to be your colleague.”

All around us, we have seen countless stories of perseverance and triumph during these traumatic times. Enrollment for most CSU campuses is steady – due in large part to the diligent efforts of our tenure-line faculty, lecturers, counselors, coaches, and librarians to be there for students. Faculty also have become more active through CFA to demand that their voices be heard and their safety be protected. As the term ends, CFA appreciates our chapter leaders for their time-consuming work to ensure management complies with the CFA contract and CSU procedures.

We encourage mutual aid between colleagues and friends so that we can lean on each other, especially during the upcoming holidays.  Take time to:

  • Take care of your body: meditate, eat well-balanced meals, take deep breaths.  Aside from staying safe, stay healthy.
  • Make time to unwind: use a few minutes of your day to do something you enjoy.
  • Connect with others: talk to people you trust about your concerns and how you’re feeling.

CFA members are encouraged to visit CFA’s COVID-19 resource page, which includes past communications, pertinent contract provisions, and helpful links.

Next year will still be impacted by COVID-19, but CFA will continue to work with our colleagues in service of students.  In June, CFA laid out our path forward to protect the health and safety of faculty, students, and staff, higher education, student access to the CSU, racial and socioeconomic equity, and faculty contractual rights, jobs, and benefits. CFA will continue that work into 2021.

We will get through this together.


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