Ballots continue to be counted across the state with thousands of votes still to be tailed. Results must be certified by December 16.

Results still not determined:

  • Malia Cohen will be the next controller of California. This is in part due to work by CFA members early in the primary and our continued support in the general election.
  • CFA candidates remain ahead in a few state senate races: Lola Smallwood-Cuevas continues to lead, as does Aisha Wahab. Dave Jones trails currently and Tim Robertson, does as well, with plenty of votes still uncounted.
  • In Assembly seats, CFA-endorsed candidates continue to lead. Liz Ortega leads in Assembly District 20; Gail Pellerin in AD 28; Dawn Addis in AD 30, Gregg Hart in AD 37; Juan Carrilo in AD 39; Rick Chavez Zbur in AD 51, and Blanca Pacheco in AD 64. Pilar Schiavo continues to close the gap in her race in AD 40, down to incumbent Assemblymember Suzette Martinez Valladares by less than two percentage points.

“It was great and important to work to get pro-labor candidates like Dawn Addis elected,” said Cameron Jones, CFA San Luis Obispo political action and legislative chair. “I believe this to be a key to increasing our power at the bargaining table and ultimately improving our working conditions and students’ learning conditions.”

Several federal House races also remain too close to call, though it is projected that Republicans will have a slim majority, with several California seats being key to decreasing their seat lead.

Again, thank you to all CFA members who voted and encouraged their students, family, friends, and neighbors to vote. Members and students volunteered nearly 25,000 total hours of their time throughout the general election to help elect public servants to office and pass legislation strengthening our communities. Thank you so much!!

A more detailed results report will come next month as more district and senate races are called and certified.

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