CFA-endorsed candidates worked with us throughout our bargaining campaign by joining us on the picket line and at our Board of Trustees rallies, helping draw attention to our workload and safety issues.

The 2022, 2024, and 2026 elections will see a 70-percent turnover in the state legislature, which could result in an unprecedented shift of power toward the Labor Movement. In addition, California saw a historic rise in the number of women and Black women running for office.

Thank you to all CFA members who encouraged their students, family, friends, and community members to vote, and for voting and volunteering to elect labor candidates who will advocate for anti-racism and social justice in California.

a group of people take a selfie.
CFA and North Valley Labor Federation members volunteer to elect Jessica Self during the March 5 Primary Election campaign.

Counting ballots involves an extensive review process that often takes time to ensure democracy and that every vote counts. All votes have now been counted and the results are in.

Two CFA-endorsed candidates in a couple of key state Senate races have advanced to the November ballot: Jerry McNerney in the Central Valley (Senate District 5) and Sasha Renee Perez in east San Fernando Valley (Senate District 25).

For the Assembly seats, several CFA-endorsed candidates were also top vote-getters and are moving on to the November ballot. These include Chris Rogers in the North Coast (Assembly District 2), Rhodesia Ransom in the Central Valley (Assembly District 13), Mark Gonzalez in Central Los Angeles (Assembly District 54), and Darshana Patel in North San Diego County (Assembly District 76).

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