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CFA Fresno members rally with red tshirts and noisemakers during the union’s last round of bargaining.

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Chapter Information
CFA Field Representative: Terri Prall
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5048 N. Jackson Avenue M/S UM 106
Lab School, Room 158
Fresno, CA 93740-8022
(559) 278-4821 Phone

Become a CFA Member FALL 2022 Events & Workshops

Fall 2022 Events & Workshops



Tenure Faculty members workshop – Applying for Market Based Salary Increases – in person or virtual attendance

Tuesday, September 20th – 11am – 12:30pm – REGISTER HERE

Volunteer – coffee hall walking

10am – 12pm – Various dates – REGISTER HERE


CFA Data Privacy Workshop – in person or virtual attendance

Friday, October 14th – 11 am to 12 pm OR 12 pm to 1 pm – REGISTER HERE

Campus CFA Department Representative Meeting – in person or virtual attendance

Monday, October 17th – 11am to 12pm OR 12pm to 1pm – REGISTER HERE

CFA Members Luncheon – Vintage Room – in person only

Wednesday, October 19th – 11 to 12 or 12 to 1 – REGISTER HERE

Workshop for all CFA represented – How to address discrimination in the workplace.

Date/Time/Location TBA soon


CFA Members Luncheon – Vintage Room – in person only

Tuesday, November 15, 2022 – REGISTER HERE

Campus CFA Department Representative Meeting – in person or virtual attendance available

Thursday, November 17th – 11am to 12pm OR 12pm to 1pm – REGISTER HERE


Lecturer Faculty members workshop – Range Elevation – invite only workshop based on eligibility to apply

Thursday, December 8th – 5pm – 6pm – REGISTER HERE *this is a virtual only workshop

Executive Board

Executive Board

Below is the Chapter roles of each of the CFA Fresno Executive Board, their department and contact information.

John Beynon

chapter President
John Beynon Fresno Chapter President

Andrew Jones

chapter vice president
Andrew Jones - Fresno Chapter Exec Board member

Loretta Kensinger

chapter secretary
Women’s Studies

William Arce

chapter treasurer
Stay Informed

Stay Informed

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Department Representatives

Department Representatives

See a vacancy in your department?

Would you like to become a CFA department representative or suggest one of your colleagues? Become a Department Representative.

Become a Department Representative

CFA Department Representatives are the eyes and ears of CFA for their campus department.

They are responsible for letting their colleagues know what is happening in CFA with regard to bargaining, faculty rights, the state budget and other issues. 

At the same time, Department Representatives let their chapter leadership know what issues are cropping up in departments. Department Representatives typically meet three times per semester.  Occasionally, representatives are invited to report out to the chapter during their Executive Board meetings to ensure the campus-based leadership can assist with dealing with concerns.

To become a CFA Fresno State Department Representative, please fill in information below.

Faculty Rights Advocates

Faculty Rights Advocates

CFA Fresno Chapter is fortunate to have two trained faculty member advocates on our campus. Melissa Gibson, a tenured faculty member from the Theatre Arts department and Judith Scott, a long time lecturer faculty member from the Communication department. In addition to our faculty member representatives we also have Terri Prall, CFA Staff Field Representative, assigned to Fresno State.


We are your faculty rights team and we are available to assist you with:

ADVICE – you can call or email us to get advice OR we can schedule an in person or virtual meeting with you to discuss your concerns. (If emailing us regarding an issue or concern that you wish to keep confidential, please use a non-csu email address)

  • How to address concerns or issues informally, when possible
  • Your contractual rights under the Collective Bargaining Agreement between CFA and CSU
  • How to write effective rebuttals: evaluations, retention/tenure/promotion, reprimands
  • How to file a grievance, if necessary, the process and what to expect
  • Lecturer faculty appointment & entitlement rights
  • Leaves: paid, unpaid, FMLA rights & what makes the most sense for your individual situation

REPRESENTATION – Contact us & we will assist you in scheduling a time that we can be there with you to provide representation

  • If you are called in for a meeting with administrator(s)
  • If you receive a notice of investigation
  • If you file a grievance – we will provide representation at the level I meeting with administration
  • If you are experiencing discrimination, retaliation or harassment based on your protected classification we can help you navigate the grievance process, represent you in the CSU EO 1096 investigation process and provide additional resources to assist you

WORKSHOPS & EVENTS – at least one of the Faculty rights advocates attends every campus meeting or event. Feel free to check in with us to schedule an individual meeting or ask advice. We are here to ensure that the rights provided by our contract are upheld and to help you navigate the process of enforcing those rights.

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