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Two people stand side by side during the CFA strike. The person on the left wears a safety reflective vest and holds a picket sign that says "CFA on Strike". The person on the right wears red with a black cap and is carrying a drum made from a bucket. Both are smiling.

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Chapter Information
CFA Field Representative: Maureen Loughran
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Siemens Hall, Room 3
Arcata, CA 95521
(707) 826-3340 Phone

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CFA Humboldt Leadership

Tony Silvaggio

A headshot of a person smiling against a blue background, wearing a baby blue button-up shirt over a purple undershirt.

Dylan McClure

Social Work
A headshot of a person wearing glasses and a black hoodie, with a background of bushes and green plants.

Loren Cannon

Faculty Rights Chair
A headshot of a person smiling in an office setting, wearing glasses, a red undershirt, and a black jacket.

Andrea Delgado

Council for Racial and Social Justice Representative
A selfie of a person wearing sunglasses, an red undershirt, a maroon plaid shirt over, and a button on their left side with a blue sky background.

Yvonne Doble

Social Work
A selfie of a person wearing glasses and a forest green t-shirt, posing in an office setting with a bookshelf in the background.

Guy Aronoff

Retired faculty Representative
A selfie of a person wearing a dark grey button-up shirt against a white background.

Maureen Loughran

CFA Field Representative
(510) 206-1263
A headshot of a person smiling with black hair, red lipstick, and wearing a gold beaded necklace.

Garrett Purchio

Library RepreseNtative
A headshot of a person wearing glasses, a grey sweater over a white collared button-up, standing in between library bookshelves while holding a book.

Aaron Donaldson

Communication Studies
An off-guard photo of a person holding a white coffee mug looking to the right side. They are wearing a blue plaid button-up.

Ryder Dschida

Political action/legislative chair
A headshot of a light brown-haired person smiling in front of a Cal Poly Humboldt building, wearing a grey button-up shirt and glasses.

Leslie Bernardino

CFA humboldt chapter office manager
A portrait of a brown-haired person smiling in front of a grassy landscape with a small green-leafed tree. The person is wearing beige earrings, a black jacket, and a brown undershirt.
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