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CFA Field Representative: Marcelle Alvarado
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5151 State University Drive
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Los Angeles, CA 90032
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Los Angeles Chapter Fall 2024

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Executive Board

Below is the contact information and roles of each of the CFA Los Angeles Executive Board.

Anthony Ratcliff

Pan-African Studies

Akhila L. Ananth

Vice President, membership + organizing co-chair
Criminal Justice and Criminalistics

Molly Talcott

faculty rights chair

Leda Ramos

Lecturer council representative
Chicana/o and Latina/o Studies

Debito Beamer

Political Science

Juan Lamata

Assembly delegate, sqe faculty mentor

Oliverio Rodriguez

Membership + organizing co-chair

Daniel Osoy

office manager

Melina Abdullah

Council for Racial & Social Justice Representative
Pan-African Studiesn

Libby Lewis

Assembly Delegate
Pan-African Studies; Sociology

Beth Baker

Political and legislative representative
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Department Representatives
Faculty Strike + Teamsters Sympathy Strike, December 2023 at Cal State LA

Department Representatives

CFA’s effectiveness depends on having a system of active rank-and-file members who help to provide direction for the organization.

Department Representatives serve as liaisons between their departments and the CFA-LA executive board. They have the responsibility of keeping the appropriate committees informed of any departmental conditions in need of attention; working with the Membership and Organizing Committee to recruit new members and activists; and working with the Communications and Media Committee to assist with the dissemination of information to constituents in their department.

If you don’t see your department listed above, that means there’s no representative. If that’s the case, please consider becoming a department rep. For more information, contact Marcelle Alvarado @

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