CFA Member Benefits


CFA Member Benefits
Learn about the advantages of being a CFA member

Thousands of California State University faculty have built our union – the California Faculty Association – into an advocate for fairness in our daily teaching and other work, and for the future of this great system of public higher education.

CSU faculty organized CFA in 1983 to give faculty the power to bargain a fair contract and protect our rights.  Since then, through CFA, CSU faculty have made historic gains –

  • better salaries
  • defined-benefit pensions
  • quality health insurance
  • better working conditions
  • increased state funding to provide quality education for our students

Other benefits of being a CFA member:

  • Strength comes in numbers. Every CFA member means a stronger faculty voice to stand for our concerns and allows us to negotiate the best possible contract.
  • Unity helps us move forward as we protect our gains, especially in salaries, access to health insurance and pensions, our rights as faculty, and our job security.
  • Participation is at the core.  We shape our union through involvement in our campus CFA chapters.  We vote in elections for chapter leaders and delegates to Assemblies where policy is set.  We vote on ratification of contracts.
  • Anti-racism and social justice are central to CFA’s work and values.  CFA promotes racial and social justice in our union and in our university, thereby challenging systems of racial oppression and social inequity.
  • Shared governance and better academic policies mean CFA members work alongside the CSU Academic Senates, and we advocate for legislation and funding essential to our CSU.

CFA is Service Employees International Union Local 1983, CFA Members are also SEIU members.  CFA members can request to become members of the American Association of University Professors through CFA’s affiliation.

CFA Member-Only Advantages

CFA members enjoy a variety of member-only advantages, available through our affiliates. These include discounts, programs, and special offers that add up to substantial savings.

Notable member-only advantages INCLUDE: 

CFA members are also eligible to sign up for legal service plans. To learn more about these and other offers, explore the links below. To take advantage of these offers, be sure to identify yourself as a CFA or affiliate member when you contact the provider. 

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The information about member-only advantages is supplied by CFA and our affiliates. We strive to keep this information up to date; however it is advised that you call the numbers listed for updates and changes. Product or service quality is not guaranteed by CFA; that is the sole responsibility of the vendor.