Chapter leaders from the CSU’s 23 campuses virtually attended CFA’s Spring Kickoff to celebrate our new Collective Bargaining Agreement.

The mood was joyous as we uplifted our members’ activism achieving a new contract and praised the CFA Bargaining Team for their dedication and persistence through nearly two years of negotiations with CSU management.

Members also heard from Governor Newsom and legislators who thanked faculty for their work educating and servicing the state’s college students and efforts at achieving anti-racism, social justice, and equity for CSU students, faculty, and staff.

After the festivities, members began preparations for several stakeholder groups called for in the Collective Bargaining Agreement, that focused on parent and caregiver support, alternatives to campus policing, and lecturer contracts with new possible tenure classifications for a professor of teaching/practice. The kickoff workshops provided a space for members to discuss what we still want and need to push for, and how we can support these priorities on our campuses

“Again, I want to thank our members for their support of our bargaining efforts and their vote for the ratification our new contract. I look forward to working with all of you on budget advocacy in districts officers for our general salary increase and in Sacramento for a budget that fully funds the CSU so we all can continue to provide quality education for students and all the other research, professional work, and service that makes the CSU a premiere university system,” CFA President Charles Toombs said.

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