At last weekend’s Spring Assembly, members elected members of the Board of Directors and Committees to represent CFA’s 29,000 tenure-track faculty, lecturers, counselors, coaches, and librarians.

Several statewide Board members were re-elected, some new activists stepped into new roles, and members celebrated outgoing leaders.

Re-elected leaders (with campuses) include:

  • President: Charles Toombs, San Diego
  • Vice President: Kevin Wehr, Sacramento
  • Secretary: Diane Blair, Fresno
  • Associate Vice President, North: Margarita Berta-Ávila, Sacramento
  • Associate Vice President Racial and Social Justice, North: Chris Cox, San José
  • Associate Vice President Racial and Social Justice, South: Sharon Elise, San Marcos
  • Associate Vice President Lecturers, North: Meghan O’Donnell, Monterey Bay
  • Political Action and Legislative Committee Chair: Steven Filling, Stanislaus
  • Representation Committee Chair: Molly Talcott, Los Angeles
  • Contract Development & Bargaining Strategy Chair: Antonio Gallo, Northridge

Leaders newly elected include:

  • Treasurer: Vang Vang, Fresno
  • Associate Vice President, South: G. Chris Brown, Fullerton
  • Associate Vice President Lecturers, South: Moe Miller, Fullerton
  • Membership & Organizing Committee Chair: Nicola Walters, Humboldt

“Congratulations to the re-elected Board of Directors and a big welcome to newly elected Officers, Board of Directors, and Committee members,” President Charles Toombs said. “These leaders will guide us in all of our important work, anti-racism and social justice, political action and legislative, student advocacy, and our bargaining campaign for rights, respect and justice, among the other great work we do for our Unit 3 members and for the CSU. You are all so active and experienced as CFA leaders and as campus leaders. I look forward to working with all of you.

“I extend the biggest thanks to departing Officers, Board of Directors, and Committee members for their dedicated service and work; they have been instrumental in shaping CFA’s work, vision, and aspirations for a better and more equitable CSU,” Toombs added.

Officers and committee chairs coordinate with CFA’s 23 chapter executive boards to guide and govern the union’s representation and advocacy. Office terms are for two years and begin June 1.

CFA members also recognized leaders stepping down from positions:

  • Treasurer: Susan Green, Chico
  • Associate Vice President, South: Darel Engen, San Marcos
  • Associate Vice President Lecturers, South: Leslie Bryan, San Bernardino
  • Membership & Organizing Committee Chair: Nicki Mehta, Sacramento

Big thank you to the CFA Elections Committee who ran and monitored elections: Chair Dorothy Chen-Maynard, William Arce, Nicholas Henning, Lisa Kawamura, and Mon Yee.


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