CFA members continue to support our union siblings in their efforts to achieve safety and dignity on the job.

Members have joined UNITE HERE members striking at Los Angeles hotels for safety and living wages. We’ve attended picket lines with Hollywood actors and SAG-AFTRA members striking for better pay and protections from AI and income erosion from streaming platforms. Members have joined healthcare workers in their three-day strike against Kaiser’s profit hoarding and unsafe staffing levels.

Two people take a selfie at a rally.
CFA East Bay President Jeff Newcomb joins Kaiser staffer Pricilla Opfermann on the strike line at Kaiser Permanente in Walnut Creek.

And members continue to join in solidarity supporting UAW workers on strike against the Big 3 automakers. CFA members can help our union siblings by signing the UAW Region 6 Solidarity Pledge to support workers’ fight for fair wages and a just transition to electric vehicles that fights climate change and sustains our communities.

Signees send a powerful message that every job in the transition to electric vehicles must be a good job, and that California and federal elected officials must ensure public funding going to companies includes strong workforce standards and respecting the right of workers to form unions.

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