Training is important; it allows members to further understand unionism, anti-racism and social justice, and faculty rights.

CFA members meet virtually to train on faculty rights and new CSU policies.

Last week, elected CFA Faculty Rights advocates gathered for an all-day meeting to learn about the CSU’s latest anti-discrimination policy, best practices for grievance meetings with management, and lecturer appointment rights.

CFA represents faculty on every campus in enforcing the rights of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), an important task for CFA to undertake with hundreds of grievances filed and defended each year. Every year, new faculty members join our union to help protect faculty rights and advocate for a better, fairer, and more just CSU system for faculty, staff, and students.

“During our faculty rights training, we shared a rich day together, in both content and community building,” said Molly Talcott, CFA Representation Committee chair. “Newer advocates joined veteran faculty rights reps and CFA staff, and we worked together on common problems – even during the entire lunch break! It’s beautiful to see the team of folks working behind the scenes on faculty rights growing and evolving as our challenges do, too.”

Leaders in faculty rights also learned about the phenomenon of racelighting on campuses and how it impacts BIPOC faculty seeking to enjoy the rights and benefits of employment in the CSU.

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