The past year has demonstrated that putting science and medicine at the forefront of response to the pandemic helped California out of the worst health crisis in a century.  Our activists and leaders have worked tirelessly to protect our most vulnerable Californians, increasing wages paid for sick leave and crafting important statutes that will protect our health, safety, and voting rights.

Governor Gavin Newsom and our state leaders have increased funding for public schools, lowered class sizes, championed criminal justice reform, prioritized lowering health care and prescription drug costs for our families as well as expanding health care coverage for our most vulnerable family members, friends and neighbors.

It is unfortunate that a party which has not held a statewide office in California for 15 years continues to push the Big Lie about the 2020 election and seeks to roll back progress we have won.

No on the Anti-Union Recall

The recall campaign is nothing more than an anti-union power grab, an opportunity for anti-labor donors who know they cannot win a statewide election next year to attempt to seize control over government with a minority vote.  The agenda driving the recall is clear – they want to roll back decades of progress on workers’ rights in California.

The costs for this recall are estimated at $276 million, and we face another primary and general election for statewide offices next year.  Clearly, the anti-labor backers of the recall seek to force labor to deplete resources and limit resources available for the 2022 election cycle.

CFA member leaders emphatically say NO on this anti-union, anti-workers’ rights recall effort by the Republican party.

“Governor Gavin Newsom has a long history of being a friend to our union and to labor, and that history continues,” said Steven Filling, CFA Political Action and Legislation Chair. “Our Governor also understands the value of public higher education and the need for the state to fund public higher education more appropriately. It is clear from this year’s budget that the Governor and the Legislature continue to enhance worker protections and to honor their commitment to fund public higher education.

“Governor Newsom continues to demonstrate the leadership that can and will guide California through the pandemic and economic uncertainty.  He is an advocate for education and our mission for inclusive learning.  We emphatically say NO on the recall!”

However, candidates with no demonstrated leadership skills and with little experience with the political process are on the recall ballot. Candidates ranging from a radio talk show conspiracy theorist to reality show celebrities — 41 of them – are all running on platforms that would weaken or eliminate laws that protect our job security, our healthcare, and our retirement.

While Republicans statewide and nationally were seeking to push back on lived experiences, realities and histories of Americans, Newsom signed AB 1460 into law.  That historic legislation establishes a requirement for ethnic studies education for all CSU undergraduates.  This year Newsom’s budget strongly supports the CSU.  He increased base funding by five percent, restored last year’s COVID-related cuts, increased funding for mental health needs, basic needs funds for our students, student housing and faculty professional development.

Further, the Governor and Legislature again kept the CSU from increasing student fees or tuition, as they have done throughout his administration.

Additionally, the Governor signed a bill that cracks down on worker misclassification and restored the right to a minimum wage, overtime pay, health and safety protections, workers compensation and unemployment insurance for millions of workers. 

Let us build upon our progress by voting NO on the recall on September 14.  Make sure to check your voter registration status and to cast your ballot.

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