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Proposed amendments to the Constitution of the Pomona Chapter of the California
Faculty Association

Resolution in Solidarity with UAW Academic Workers Striking Nov. 17th, 2022

Resolution in Solidarity with UAW Academic Workers Striking Nov. 17th, 2022

California Faculty Association, Pomona Chapter

Approved by the Executive Board on November 17th, 2022

Whereas the University of California has engaged in a wide variety of unlawful tactics at the bargaining table, forcing UAW to file over 25 Unfair Labor Practices. The University failed to even respond to some of these charges and PERB has issued a series of complaints against it.

Whereas the UC has failed to reach a fair agreement with UAW 2865, UAW 5810 and SRUUAW. The University refuses to address the basic needs of its academic workers, to provide equality for international scholars, to support and retain parent-workers, to promote gender equity, to adopt measures for accessibility, and to secure job security.

Whereas this is a historic moment in the labor movement. Academic workers across 10 California campuses voted to strike with a decisive 97.53% in favor. The three unions represent 48,000 workers, making this action potentially the largest academic workers strike in U.S. history.

Whereas academic workers make invaluable contributions that make the university run, including teaching, grading papers, performing cutting-edge research, generating over $6 billion annually in state and federal funding and driving innovation in areas such as medicine, computer science, agriculture, and green energy.

Whereas the phrase “an injury to one is an injury to all” is a longstanding labor slogan of solidarity. The win by one group of workers is a win for all of us. A resounding victory pushes the boundaries of possibility and builds the confidence of our movement. Therefore, be it

Resolved that the California Faculty Association (CFA) Pomona Chapter is in full solidarity with UAW Academic Workers’ struggle at the University of California, and be it further

Resolved that the CFA Pomona Chapter pledge a $1,500 donation to the UAW Academic Workers strike support and hardship fund to directly assist these workers’ bold escalation for a fairer workplace at the UC, and be it finally

Resolved that CFA Cal Poly Pomona encourage its members to learn more about the UAW Academic Workers strike ( and to join the nearest picket line in support of the UAW Academic Workers’ strike.

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