The California Faculty Association supports all warehouse workers for Amazon, and we rise in solidarity with the 5,800 Amazon warehouse workers in Bessemer, Alabama, who are undergoing a union vote amidst the online retailer’s anti-union activities. CFA condemns Amazon’s deplorable treatment of the predominately Black warehouse workers in Bessemer, its mistreatment of warehouse and delivery drivers throughout the world, and its union-busting tactics. CFA is united with our union siblings in the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union.

Amazon is the second largest private employer in the United States and worth $1.5 trillion. In stark contrast to Amazon’s unprecedented profiteering for its mostly white male executives and shareholders, its blue-collar workforce is disproportionately Black and Latinx. Amazon’s warehouse and misclassified delivery drivers continue to perform all of the hard labor to ensure Amazon packages are processed and delivered on time, yet they are mistreated and disrespected by management. Amazon’s warehouse workers endure a relentless pace of work under constant surveillance in order to meet productivity quotas and performance metrics. Such mistreatment has prompted workers to organize for better working conditions and union representation.

Amazon is strongly opposed to unions and is mobilizing its vast resources to thwart this historic union vote in order to keep the company union-free in the United States. As the global death toll from the COVID-19 pandemic neared 1 million, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos became the first person in world history to amass a personal net worth of over $200 billion.

CFA believes that we all deserve a voice at work, access to good jobs that pay living wages, and a safe work place free from dehumanizing conditions, including racism, sexism, and all forms of discrimination. When workers are unionized, we achieve those goals, rebalance our economy, and strengthen our democracy.

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