The California Faculty Association (CFA) is firmly in solidarity with the nearly 48,000 striking academic workers of the University of California (UC). CFA strongly urges the UC administration to come back to the bargaining table and meet the demands of the academic workers. 

At CFA, we know that too often in higher education, it’s an austerity budget for workers and an abundance for executives. We are proud that our union siblings are taking action and demanding a more equitable UC. We look forward to many of them eventually joining us at the California State University system as colleagues, friends, and coconspirators in our efforts to protect and expand public higher education.

The striking workers’ contract demands reflect the reality that too many academic workers are pushed out of the UC by unaffordable housing, long and increasingly expensive commutes, and a paucity of support for working parents and international scholars.

We firmly believe that there is no higher education at the UC without these workers and their compensation and benefits need to reflect that. These budding scholars, scientists, and leaders should not have to struggle in order to meet their basic living expenses.

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