The California Faculty Association is writing in support of the Cal Poly San Luis Obispo CFA executive board’s demand that Cal Poly San Luis Obispo President Jeffrey D. Armstrong improve campus safety and approve the right of faculty to choose their mode of instruction this winter quarter, in response to the perilous health and safety risks presented by COVID-19 and the alarming spread of the Omicron variant.  

While other California State University campus leaders are taking more responsible measures to protect their campus community, Cal Poly is barreling ahead with face-to-face instruction with little consideration of the wishes and professional judgement of faculty.

A group of concerned Cal Poly faculty have started a petition to President Armstrong regarding the lack of COVID-19 safety measures during the first part of their winter quarter. The petition calls on Armstrong to do all of the following:

  • allow faculty to choose the modalities of their courses for the remainder of the academic year
  • mandate the use of N95/KN95 masks on campus
  • ensure that classrooms have adequate air filtration and space for social distancing
  • implement ongoing surveillance testing
  • commit to ending unsafe living conditions for students

More than 2,000 faculty, staff, students, parents of students, alumni, and concerned community members signed the petition.  

As a union, we deeply share the concerns of our faculty members and call on President Armstrong to protect faculty, students, and staff at Cal Poly.

Please support our colleagues and CFA chapter at Cal-Poly SLO and consider signing the petition.

In union,

The California Faculty Association

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