After two successful days of action, CFA will host two additional brown bag lunches this month to support Propositions 15 and 16.

On October 20 and October 27 from 4 to 6 p.m., CFA will host another day of action on Proposition 15 and Proposition 16. Proposition 15 will raise desperately needed funds for our schools and local governments by making corporations pay their fair share. Proposition 16 will fight for racial and gender equality and seeks to level the playing field for everyone to succeed, especially women and people of color who are hurt the most by discrimination. 

Please join CFA’s days of action – where we will hear from policy makers and CFA leaders on the importance of voter turnout and passage of these very important measures. We will also include a Q&A segment, along with training for phone banking.

For more information, please contact Kelly Burns at

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