CFA members continued their advocacy during 2022-23 state budget deliberations this week by testifying to the need to increase base funding for the California State University system.

Gov. Gavin Newsom’s January Budget Proposal showed a commitment to higher education, and we thank him for that support. The recently unveiled May Revision, the latest step in a year-long process to develop a state spending plan, did not substantially change from what was in the January proposal – a $211 million increase in unallocated recurring funding for the 2022-23 fiscal year. As negotiations continue toward the June 15 budget approval deadline, CFA will work with the Assembly and Senate to increase funding to support CSU faculty, students, and staff.

“This increase will ensure that the CSU honors its commitment to the faculty and staff of the CSU to provide fair and competitive compensation.”

charles toombs, cfa president

The contingency language in our recently negotiated contract stipulates that the full 4-percent General Salary Increase for 2022-23 depends on CSU receiving at least a $300 million increase in unallocated recurring funds. That amount would also provide sufficient funding for an equivalent increase for all CSU workers. CFA members are in solidarity with other CSU unions who are in the bargaining process over much-needed and deserved salary increases.

CFA President Speaks at Assembly Budget Hearing
CFA President Charles Toombs (speaking) and CFA Political Action and Legislative Committee Chair Steven Filling (next in line) urge the Assembly to increase 2022-23 state funding for the CSU.

At Tuesday’s Assembly higher education budget hearing, CFA members joined other education proponents and union members in urging the Assembly to align their budget proposal with the Senate’s budget priorities, including an additional $400 million in unallocated recurring funding for the CSU. The additional funding would meet our contract contingency language and provide funding to implement the recommendations of the CSU’s recently completed Staff Salary Study.

“This increase will ensure that the CSU honors its commitment to the faculty and staff of the CSU to provide fair and competitive compensation. It provides for negotiated salary increases and for implementation of the Staff Salary Study recommendations,” CFA President Charles Toombs told the committee. “Acting on our request will enable the CSU to retain the best and brightest faculty and staff to provide the highest quality education for our students.”

Also at Tuesday’s hearing, Subcommittee Chair Kevin McCarty noted that the state has a historic budget surplus, and questioned the lack of additional allocation for the CSU in the May Revision.

Similar conversations took place Wednesday at a Senate budget subcommittee hearing on education funding. State Senator Dave Min questioned whether the governor’s proposed funding for the CSU would be sufficient given the current rate of inflation. Subcommittee Chair John Laird noted his belief that the hearing “makes the case for the Senate’s budget proposal” (an additional $400 million for the CSU).

Part of Newsom’s $300.6 billion 2022-23 budget proposal includes an estimated $97.5 billion surplus. That’s nearly $100 billion in extra revenue.

Our state has the funding to fully invest in the essential faculty and staff who most directly provide the teaching, services, and resources that impact student learning and success.

CFA members can support CFA’s efforts to win an increase in CSU funding by emailing Gov. Newsom and demanding he invest in faculty, staff, and students.

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