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The CFA Chicanx/Latinx Caucus (Chx/LxC) formed in 2002. The caucus is a critical space for Chicanx/Latinx faculty at CSU to come together, voice our and our people’s concerns and aspirations, assert our needs both as faculty and as part of the Chicanx/Latinx community, all with the full support of our faculty union. In this and other ways, CFA is effectively championing and becoming an example of diversity both within CSU and in our society.

Caucus members at the Equity Conference 2020.
Caucus members at the Equity Conference 2020.

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Meet Our Caucus Leaders

Patricia Lopez

Curriculum and Instruction, CSU Fresno

Blanca Castenada

CFA staff to Chicanx/Latinx Caucus
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