Article 14


14.1 Promotion shall be the advancement of a probationary or tenured faculty unit employee who holds academic or librarian rank to a higher academic or librarian rank, or advancement of a Counselor Faculty Unit Employee to a higher classification.

14.2 A probationary faculty unit employee shall not normally be promoted during probation.  Probationary faculty unit employees shall not be promoted beyond the rank of Associate.  A probationary faculty unit employee shall normally be considered for promotion at the same time they are considered for tenure.     

14.3 The promotion of a tenured faculty unit employee shall normally be effective the beginning of the sixth (6th) year after appointment to their current academic rank/classification.  In such cases, the performance review for promotion shall take place during the year preceding the effective date of the promotion. This provision shall not apply if the faculty unit employee requests in writing that they not be considered.

14.4 A faculty unit employee may, upon application, be considered for promotion to professor, librarian equivalent, or SSP-AR Level III, prior to having satisfied the service requirements of provision 14.3.

14.5 Timelines for the promotion process shall be announced by the President after consideration of the recommendations, if any, of the appropriate faculty committee(s). Promotion applications shall not normally be accepted after the announced timeline for applications.

14.6 Faculty unit employees shall be subject to a Performance Review for the purposes of promotion, pursuant to Article 15, Evaluation.

14.7 Prior to the final decision, candidates for promotion may withdraw without prejudice from consideration at any level of review.

14.8 The President shall review and consider the Performance Review recommendations and relevant material and information. The President shall make a final decision on promotion. For individuals holding a joint appointment in more than one (1) department or equivalent unit, the President shall make a single decision regarding promotion.

14.9 The President shall notify the faculty unit employee in writing of the final decision on the promotion no later than June 15. Such response shall include the reasons for approval or denial and shall indicate the effective date of the promotion, if any.

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