Article 30


30.1 The Pre-Retirement Reduction in Time Base (PRTB) shall be available to tenured faculty unit employees who have reached the age of fifty-five (55) years subject to the following conditions:

a. That such a tenured faculty unit employee requests entry into PRTB at least six (6) months prior to the beginning of the fiscal year or academic year in which they desires to participate in PRTB. The President may waive the required request time limits.

b. That such a tenured faculty unit employee shall not have reached the age of sixty-five (65) at the time of requested entry into PRTB; or, if a member of STRS, such an employee shall not have reached the age of sixty-four (64) at the time of requested entry into PRTB.

c. That such a request is granted by the President. The President shall respond to such a request no later than sixty (60) days after receipt of such a request.

d. That the President shall provide the potential participant in PRTB with an appointment letter which shall indicate the terms of the reduction in time base. The faculty unit employee shall provide the President with a written statement of acceptance of the reduction in time base.

30.2 The PRTB shall provide a reduction in time base to an average of two-thirds (2/3), one-half (1/2), or one-third (1/3) of full-time for a maximum period of five (5) consecutive years.

30.3 Faculty unit employees requesting to participate in PRTB shall have been employed in the CSU for at least ten (10) years at full-time. The five (5) years immediately preceding the effective date of the PRTB shall have been continuous full-time employment.

30.4 Entry into PRTB may be implemented at the beginning of an academic year or, when appropriate, at the beginning of the fiscal year.

30.5 The time base of a participant shall be reduced to the requested two-thirds (2/3), one-half (1/2), or one-third (1/3) for the academic year or fiscal year.

30.6 PERS and STRS deductions shall be based upon the full-time rate of pay. The CSU and the employee shall pay their respective shares. For OASDI, the rate shall be on the actual amount of remuneration.

30.7 Health, dental and other appropriate benefits available to full-time faculty unit employees shall be available on the same basis to PRTB participants.

30.8 PRTB participants shall not be eligible for sabbatical leaves or leaves with pay.

30.9 Sick leave shall be accrued by participants in PRTB on a pro rata basis.

30.10 The time base of a PRTB participant shall be considered full-time for the purpose of restrictions on additional employment as provided in Article 36, Additional Employment.

30.11 Once a faculty unit employee is authorized to participate in PRTB, the faculty unit employee may not revoke the reduced time base and return to full-time employment unless approved by the President. Further, this provision shall apply if a PRTB participant completes the maximum five (5) years and does not elect a service retirement.

30.12 A participant’s appropriate annual salary shall be paid in twelve (12) equal payments. If a participant fails to meet their employment commitment, salary adjustments or repayment by the participant of an overpayment may be required. Such an adjustment or required repayment shall not be the basis of a grievance.

30.13 A participant shall be required to perform normal responsibilities, duties, and activities pro rata.

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