Article 34


34.1 The provisions of this Article apply only to faculty unit employees in classifications which indicate a ten (10) month or twelve (12) month work year.

34.2 The provisions of this Article do not apply to faculty unit employees in classifications that indicate an academic work year or to faculty unit employees in classifications that indicate a casual employment employee.

Vacation Credit

34.3 Full-time ten (10) month and twelve (12) month faculty unit employees shall be entitled to sixteen (16) hours [two (2) days] vacation credit for each qualifying month of service. Ten (10) month and twelve (12) month faculty unit employees who work less than full-time shall be entitled to vacation credit on a pro rata basis.

34.4 For purposes of computing vacation credit, a faculty unit employee who works eleven (11) or more days in a monthly pay period is considered to have completed a month, a qualifying month of service, or continuous service. When an absence without pay of more than eleven (11) consecutive working days falls into two (2) consecutive qualifying pay periods, one (1) of the pay periods is disqualified.

34.5 An authorized leave of absence without pay shall not be considered service for the purposes of vacation accrual.

34.6 Vacation credits are cumulative to a maximum of three hundred and twenty (320) working hours for ten (10) or less years of qualifying service or four hundred and forty (440) working hours for more than ten (10) years of such service. Accumulations in excess of this amount as of January 1 of each year shall be forfeited by the faculty unit employee.

34.7 After one (1) full year of employment, a faculty unit employee shall take at least forty (40) hours of vacation each calendar year. Any part of the forty (40) hours not taken during the calendar year shall be forfeited as of January 1 of the subsequent year.

34.8 The President may permit a faculty unit employee to carry over more than allowable credits pursuant to provision 34.6 or waive provision 34.7 of this Article when the faculty unit employee was prevented from taking enough vacation to reduce the credits because the faculty unit employee:

a. was required to work as a result of fire, flood, or other extreme emergency;

b. was assigned work of priority or critical nature over an extended period of time;

c. was absent on full salary for compensable injury; or

d. was prevented from using vacation previously scheduled to be taken in December because of being on paid sick leave.

34.9 A faculty unit employee shall not take vacation until completion of one (1) month in work status.

34.10 Requests for scheduling vacation shall be submitted in writing to the appropriate administrator at least thirty (30) days in advance. The scheduling of vacation may also arise from the needs of the institution. Vacations shall be taken as authorized by the President. Vacations shall be scheduled by mutual agreement of the faculty unit employee and appropriate administrator whenever possible. When authorized to do so by the appropriate administrator, a faculty unit employee may take vacation without submitting such a request.

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