Article 35


35.1 Outside employment shall not conflict with normal work assignments or satisfactory performance of all duties of the faculty unit employee.

35.2 Upon written request directed to an individual full-time faculty unit employee by the appropriate administrator, the faculty unit employee shall provide a written statement of the amount and approximate distribution of time devoted to continuous outside employment during the academic term to which they have been appointed. Such requests may be made when the appropriate administrator has determined that such information is necessary to ascertain compliance with provision 35.1 of this Article.

35.3 In addition to the requirements of 35.2, all full-time faculty unit members shall be required to provide a written statement to the appropriate administrator of all outside employment, where such outside employment is expected to amount to more than

a. One hundred sixty (160) hours per semester for faculty holding academic year or ten (10) month appointments at a semester campus.

b. One hundred ten (110) hours per quarter for faculty holding academic year or ten (10) month appointments at a quarter campus.

c. One hundred twenty (120) hours per three (3) month period for faculty holding twelve (12) month appointments.

Written statements shall be submitted using the form at Appendix H and shall be provided to the appropriate administrator within thirty (30) days of the commencement of the semester, quarter, or three (3) month period during which the outside employment is to be undertaken. For faculty holding twelve (12) month appointments the quarter dates for the purposes of reporting shall be July 1, October 1, January 1, and April 1.

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