Article 8


8.1 Upon request of the CFA there may be convened a meeting with the President and a CFA representative.  Such meetings may occur monthly at the request of either party, or more often by mutual agreement.  The purpose of the meeting shall be to discuss topics of mutual interest to the University community.  CFA shall submit an agenda of matters it seeks to discuss at the time of its request.  This provision shall not be interpreted to preclude the participation of CFA and Chancellor’s Office staff at such meetings.

8.2 Each campus shall establish a joint labor/ management committee, which shall be composed of three (3) representatives employed at the campus from each party.  This committee shall meet at least once during each academic term, at times and dates mutually agreeable to the parties.  The committee’s agenda shall be limited to discussing matters related to the interpretation and application at the campus of the provisions of the Agreement between the parties.  The parties shall notify each other of the issues that they desire to discuss at least five (5) days prior to the scheduled meeting date.

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