Mission Statement

The Contract Development/Bargaining Strategy Committee is charged to develop bargaining goals in consultation with the faculty, the Chapter Presidents, and the Board. The committee also works with the bargaining team on policy and strategy during bargaining.

The committee membership includes the CFA board’s three associate vice presidents, four chapter presidents, two lecturer representatives, and two affirmative action representatives; as well as two members of the bargaining team and one representative from each of the following committees: Political Action/Legislation, Membership & Organizing, and Representation.

Committee Members

Meet the CFA leaders working on contract policy and strategy.

Antonio Gallo

Chicana/o Studies, CSU Northridge

Mark Allen Davis

Theatre & Dance, San Francisco State

Margarita Berta-Ávila

Associate Vice President Chapters, North Bilingual and Multicultural Education, Sacramento State

Gregory “Chris” Brown

Associate Vice President Chapters, South Criminal Justice, CSU Fullerton

Meghan O’Donnell

Associate Vice President Lecturers, North Humanities and Communication, CSU Monterey Bay

Moe Miller

Associate Vice President Lecturers, South Politics, Administration and Justice, CSU Fullerton

Chris Cox

Associate Vice President Council for Racial & Social Justice, North Sociology, San Josė State

Sharon Elise

Associate Vice President Council for Racial & Social Justice, South Sociology, CSU San Marcos

Iyad Alfalqa

Presidents Representative Natural and Behavioral Sciences, CSU Dominguez Hills

Nena Tórrez

Presidents Representative Teacher Education and Foundations, CSU San Bernardino

Tim Sustrunk

Presidents Representative History, CSU Chico

Dave Colnic

Presidents Representative Politics & Public Administration, CSU Stanislaus

Gretchen Reevy

Presidents Representative Psychology, CSU East Bay

Sharmin Khan

Presidents Representative Humanities, San Josė State

Leece Lee Oliver

Presidents Representative American Indian Studies Program/Women’s Studies Program, Fresno State
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