The CSU intends to lift the COVID-19 vaccine mandate for students, staff, and faculty.

The office of Systemwide Human Resources/Labor Relations informed CFA that, “As the nation and our local communities transition out of a state of emergency due to COVID-19, the CSU has made the decision to no longer require students to be fully vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus. Instead, the CSU will strongly recommend that all students follow COVID-19 vaccine recommendations adopted by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention… .”  The CSU intends to lift the mandate for faculty and staff as well.

California lifted the COVID-19 State of Emergency this week. CalOSHA has issued new workplace regulations regarding COVID-19 that are consistent with the change in emergency status. The CSU plans to follow CalOSHA’s non-emergency regulations for prevention and outbreaks.

Many faculty are understandably concerned about the changes and impacts on their health as well as the health and safety of their families and loved ones. Faculty are encouraged to seek accommodations as needed through their campus offices tasked with providing accommodations.

The CSU intends to develop technical letters to all campuses about the change. CSU administrators advise faculty to be in touch with their campus Environmental and Health Safety Officers regarding processes for reporting outbreaks and other workplace hazards.

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