Disability Caucus


Disability Caucus

The purpose of the Disability Caucus is to identify and address issues that impact the academic life and well-being of CSU faculty with disabilities.

While the needs of disabled CSU students have rightfully received generous attention and accommodation in recent years, disabled CSU faculty remain to a great extent unacknowledged and underserved. The Disability Caucus aims, primarily, to provide faculty with disabilities with information about their rights to accommodation and how to go about seeking it. We invite disabled faculty to look to us for a sense of community, a refuge where they are safe from stigma and the risks of self-disclosure to administrators, students, and colleagues. We also intend to raise awareness in both the CFA and the CSU of the issues surrounding faculty disability, as well as each institution’s obligations, under the Americans with Disabilities Act and CSU policy, to provide reasonable accommodation of those needs. 

Disability comes in many forms – temporary or permanent; mild or severe; visible (e.g., mobility impairment; severe visual impairment) or invisible (ranging from hearing impairment to illnesses such as asthma, cancer, or severe allergies, to psychiatric disorders). Along with the life challenges such impairments present, disabled faculty must live with anxiety surrounding their acceptance by those around them, and even potential threats to their retention and promotion. Our mission is to help them with their immediate needs, while striving to increase understanding of, and respect for, disabled faculty among administrators, colleagues, and students.