CFA Endorsements

CFA’s endorsement process helps CFA identify the best candidates for legislative and constitutional office and helps candidates learn more about CFA and the CSU.

CFA members interview and evaluate candidates based on their views on a range of issues including but not limited to collective bargaining rights, funding for the CSU, and public accountability regarding the use of funds.

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Nov. 6, 2018 General Election
CFA Endorsements

Find the Assembly and Senate districts in which you get to vote:

  1. Go to Find Your Rep 
  2. Then, enter the address where you are registered to vote

Statewide Offices

Governor: Gavin Newsom https://www.gavinnewsom.com/

Superintendent of Public Instruction: Tony Thurmond https://tonythurmond.com/

Attorney General: Xavier Becerra https://xavierbecerra.com/

Secretary of State: Alex Padilla https://alex-padilla.com/

State Controller: Betty Yee https://bettyyee.com/

Insurance Commissioner: Ricardo Lara http://www.ricardolara.com/

State Treasurer: Fiona Ma https://www.fionama.com/

Ballot Measures

No on Prop 5: Stop Cuts to Schools: Stop Higher Housing Costs http://noprop5.com/

No on Prop 6: Stop the Attack on Bridge and Road Safety https://noprop6.com/

Yes on Prop 10: Pass the Affordable Housing Act https://voteyesonprop10.org/

State Senate

Senate District 2: Mike McGuire https://www.senatormikemcguire.com/

Senate District 6: Richard Pan https://drrichardpan.com/

Senate District 10: Bob Wieckowski http://www.bobwieckowski.com/

Senate District 12: Anna Caballero http://www.annaforsenate.com/

Senate District 14: Melissa Hurtado http://www.hurtadoforsenate.com/

Senate District 18: Robert Hertzberg http://www.hertzbergforsenate.com/

Senate District 20: Connie Leyva http://www.connieleyva.com/

Senate District 22: Mike Eng http://www.mikeengforsenate2018.com/

Senate District 24: Maria Elena Durazo http://mariaelenadurazo.com/

Senate District 26: Ben Allen http://www.benallenforsenate.com/

Senate District 28: Joy Silver https://www.voteforjoy.com/

Senate District 30: Holly Mitchell http://www.hollyjmitchell.com/

Senate District 32: Bob Archuleta https://bobarchuletaforsenate.com/

Senate District 34: Tom Umberg https://www.umbergforsenate2018.org/

Senate District 36: Marggie Castellano https://marggiecastellano.com/

Senate District 40: Ben Hueso http://www.huesoforsenate.com/

State Assembly

Assembly District 2: Jim Wood http://www.jim-wood.com/

Assembly District 4: Cecilia Aguiar-Curry http://ceciliaforassembly.com/

Assembly District 7: Kevin McCarty https://mccarty4assembly.com/

Assembly District 8: Ken Cooley http://www.kencooley.com/

Assembly District 9: Jim Cooper http://www.cooperforassembly.com/

Assembly District 11: Jim Frazier http://jimfrazierforassembly.com/

Assembly District 13: Susan Eggman http://www.susaneggman.com/

Assembly District 14: Tim Grayson https://graysonforassembly.com/

Assembly District 15: Jovanka Beckles https://www.jovanka.org/

Assembly District 17: David Chiu http://www.votedavidchiu.com/

Assembly District 18: Rob Bonta http://www.robbonta.com/

Assembly District 19: Phil Ting https://www.philting.com/

Assembly District 20: Bill Quirk 

Assembly District 21: Adam Gray https://adamgrayforassembly.com/

Assembly District 22: Kevin Mullin http://kevinmullin.com/

Assembly District 24: Marc Berman https://www.voteberman.com/

Assembly District 25: Kansen Chu http://www.kansenchu.com/

Assembly District 27: Ash Kalra http://www.ashkalra.com/

Assembly District 28: Evan Low http://www.evanlowforassembly.com/

Assembly District 29: Mark Stone http://friendsofmarkstone.org/

Assembly District 31: Joaquin Arambula http://joaquinarambula.com/

Assembly District 32: Rudy Salas http://rudysalas.com/

Assembly District 37: Monique Limon https://limonforassembly.com/

Assembly District 38: Christy Smith http://christysmithforassembly.com/

Assembly District 39: Luz Rivas https://www.luzforassembly.com/

Assembly District 40: James Ramos http://www.jamesramos.org/

Assembly District 41: Chris Holden http://www.holdenforassembly.com/

Assembly District 43: Laura Friedman https://votelaurafriedman.com/

Assembly District 44: Jacqui Irwin http://www.jacquiirwin.com/

Assembly District 45: Jesse Gabriel https://jesseforassembly.com/

Assembly District 46: Adrin Nazarian http://www.adrinforassembly.com/

Assembly District 47: Eloise Gomez Reyes http://reyesforassembly.com/

Assembly District 48: Blanca Rubio http://blancarubio.com/

Assembly District 49: Ed Chau 

Assembly District 50: Richard Bloom http://www.richardbloom.com/

Assembly District 51: Wendy Carrillo https://wendyforassembly.com/

Assembly District 52: Freddie Rodriguez http://freddierodriguez.com/

Assembly District 53: Miguel Santiago http://santiagoforassembly.com/

Assembly District 54: Sydney Kamlager https://kamlagerforassembly.com/

Assembly District 56: Eduardo Garcia http://www.voteforgarcia.com/

Assembly District 57: Ian Calderon https://www.ianccalderon.com/

Assembly District 58: Cristina Garcia http://teamcristinagarcia.com/

Assembly District 59: Reggie Jones-Sawyer http://jonessawyerforassembly.com/

Assembly District 60: Sabrina Cervantes http://sabrinacervantes.com/

Assembly District 61: Jose Medina http://josemedinaforassembly.com/

Assembly District 62: Autumn Burke 

Assembly District 63: Anthony Rendon https://www.anthonyrendon.org/

Assembly District 64: Mike Gipson 

Assembly District 65: Sharon Quirk-Silva http://sharonquirksilva.com/

Assembly District 66: Al Muratsuchi http://www.alforassembly.com/

Assembly District 69: Tom Daly http://www.tomdalyforassembly.com/

Assembly District 70: Patrick O’Donnell http://patrickforassembly.com/

Assembly District 72: Josh Lowenthal https://joshlowenthal.com/

Assembly District 73: Scott Rhinehart https://scottfor73rd.com/

Assembly District 74: Cottie Petrie-Norris https://votecottie.com/

Assembly District 76: Tasha Boerner Horvath https://tasha4assembly.com/

Assembly District 77: Sunday Gover https://www.sundaygover.com/

Assembly District 78: Todd Gloria http://www.toddgloriaforassembly.com/

Assembly District 79: Shirley Weber https://drweberforassembly.com/

Assembly District 80: Lorena Gonzalez http://votelorena.com/

Communications regarding ballot measure endorsements are paid for by the California Faculty Association Political Issues Committee and communications regarding candidate endorsements are paid for by Faculty for Our University’s Future, a committee sponsored by the California Faculty Association. Not authorized by a candidate or committee controlled by a candidate.​