Members of CFA, CSUEU, and SQE spoke at another CSU Board of Trustees meeting after months of inconsequential and trivial attempts by Trustees to address prevailing and ongoing problems and concerns brought forward by faculty, staff, and students, including salary and outsourcing counselor work.

So, again, the three largest and most important segments of the system advocated for change in hopes that appointed and unelected members of the board would, in fact, change their tone and support their workers and students.

A group of staff and students with signs standing outside the CSU Board of Trustees meeting venue.
Faculty, staff, and students join together to speak out at the CSU Board of Trustees November 15 meeting against a number of prevalent issues at the CSU.

Salary inequity remains an issue for many faculty and staff throughout the system. While the CSU appears set to, again, give presidents and administrators raises, it fails to advocate for earned and deserved staff and faculty raises to address inflation, inversion, and compression. Staff repeatedly addressed the Trustees’ and CSU management’s inaction on much needed salary increases. CFA members support our staff colleagues and demand the CSU implement the recommendations of the staff salary study immediately.

Additionally, the CSU must address faculty salary inequity.

“It’s a key issue oftentimes by communities and especially women of color tend to have salary inequalities and tend to be the work horses of the campuses. I exceed my service commitments. I have one advisory role,” said Dheeshana Jayasundara, CFA Fresno member and Fresno State professor in the College of Health and Human Services at Tuesday’s public comments, “yet my salary is comparably lower than my white colleagues. Sadly, I’m not the exception.”

Outsourcing of counselors has been a prominent issue within the CSU for the better part of the year with students and faculty speaking out throughout the year.

“TimelyMD does more harm than good. Students have reported experiences of transphobia and homophobia from TimelyMD counselors, meanwhile TimelyMD initiates welfare checks with law enforcement without notifying CAPS or the University – this is harmful!” said Aaron Donaldson, CFA Cal Poly lecturer representative.  

CSU Domiguez Hills students spoke out passionately about continued problems with another outside contracted vendor, Aramark, over its handling of food and discrimination against students for their nationality, sexual orientation, and beliefs.

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