Image of group of people at the No on Recall rally
CFA Associate Vice President, Margarita Berta-Ávila speaks, on stage Gov. Gavin Newsom, about the importance of voting and voting no at the recall election.

Last week, ballots asking whether to recall Governor Gavin Newsom arrived in mailboxes across the state.

What happens next is up to us.

The stakes could not be any higher and we urge all of you to join our members in emphatically voting NO on this recall.

Beyond the state and national implications, as educators, this election is personal to us. Our CFA contract is in an extension. Though we continue to bargain a successor contract, CSU leaders have made it clear they do not want to acknowledge our work to keep the CSU stable throughout the pandemic  with a salary increase. Let us also not forget that it was CFA faculty and student advocacy that pushed Newsom and Democratic leadership for a historic 2021-22 budget investment in the CSU.

We need Governor Newsom to remain in office as a productive partner to protect public higher education. This election directly impacts our salary, workload, and everyday lives.

“Governor Newsom is a friend of CFA who understands the issues that we face and supports our efforts to solve them.”

Steven Filling, CFA Political and Legislation Chair

What we know is that this election is extremely close. According to the recent polls, only three percentage points separate those voting NO on the recall and those voting yes. The outcome will be determined by voter turnout.

“Governor Newsom is a friend of CFA who understands the issues that we face and supports our efforts to solve them,” said Steven Filling, CFA Political and Legislation Chair. “None of the recall candidates have the needed experience, most if not all are promising to slash state spending, and none are advocates for public education or labor. We cannot risk handing the California budget and executive leadership over to anti-public-education and anti-union forces.”

We have to act in solidarity and defeat this recall. Please watch our colleague Margarita Berta-Ávila frame the issues eloquently in her speech at a recent NO on the Recall rally.

Make sure you pledge to vote in the recall and sign up to volunteer. Every vote in this recall election counts. Your participation will make the difference.

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