In Other News…

GOP’S TAX BILL WOULD HIT STUDENTS, FACULTY AND UNIVERSITIES: The federal tax bill now under consideration by Congress would eliminate tax deductions for student loan interest and make tuition waivers for graduate students taxable among many other hits on people in higher education. And in K-12, it even would eliminate the deduction teachers use when they spend their own money for classroom supplies, but let the better-off avoid taxes on savings to pay for private schools for their kids. NEA president Lily Eskelson García laid out a denunciation, saying “We’ve been down this yellow brick road before,” meaning in Kansas where after deep cuts to education and huge tax breaks for the rich, the wealth failed to trickle down and they reversed course to clean up the massive mess. NEA asks educators to take action.

‘Q&A ON TUITION’ IN CFA’S FALL 2017 MAGAZINE: Although tuition is often the ‘go-to’ solution for universities feeling a budget pinch, there are important reasons why the California State University should find a better way. In the Fall 2017 California Faculty magazine, which is now online or available in print from your campus CFA Chapter office, check out a conversation with Margarita Berta Ávila, education professor at CSU Sacramento who is president of the CFA chapter there, on why tuition hikes are not a sound educational solution for CSU student success.

SAC CITY TEACHERS WIN A CONTRACT JUST 2 DAYS SHORT OF STRIKE: Teachers in the Sacramento City Unified School District won 11% raises over three years, but it wasn’t easy. After a year at the table, it took getting so close to a strike the union had already rented the port-a-potties and the picket signs were made. CFA sends congratulations, and says, we understand.