CFA is a sponsor of this year’s Decolonizing Economics 2024: Earth Day to May Day. This online conference (May 1-3) will devise strategies to decenter colonial systems, and implement concrete solutions to heal the land and people. Registration for this transformative event is now open.

Decolonizing Economics 2024 seeks to address pressing global challenges through a lens of decolonization, centering Indigenous knowledges, environmental justice, and community empowerment. With a diverse lineup of speakers and interactive sessions, the summit will foster dialogue, innovation, and action towards building a more equitable and sustainable economic future.

The summit will offer participants worldwide access to thought-provoking discussions and presentations, sharing collaborative initiatives aimed at catalyzing systemic change. From deep dive discussions on key issues like Making Land Back Real, Food Sovereignty, People’s Network for Land & Liberation, Democratizing the Economy, Decolonizing the Law, Traditional Ecological Knowledge, Solidarity Economy 101, and more, there will be something for everyone interested in advancing economic justice and sustainability.

You can find the schedule for all 3 days here.

CFA members can use this link to register.

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