A new CFA-sponsored bill that would require the CSU to provide courses in ethnic studies at each of its 23 campuses and require students to complete one ethnic studies course to graduate was introduced Friday in the Assembly.

The bill, AB 1460, is authored by Assembly Member Dr. Shirley Weber, a former San Diego State University faculty and CFA member. If passed, the bill would add ethnic studies courses, including issues of race and gender and sexual identity, at all 23 campuses.

The bill also would require completion of one three-unit ethnic studies course to graduate, but it would not result in additional units, as students would be able to take the ethnic studies course in place of other electives.

“It is absolutely critical that all of our students have an opportunity to learn and engage in ethnic studies,” said CFA Vice President Charles Toombs, who teaches Africana Studies at San Diego State. “It’s in these classes that they gain a deeper understanding of different communities and their histories, struggles, and triumphs. And that, in turn, provides an opportunity to embrace a racial justice perspective.”

The bill was read for the first time on Monday and could be heard in committee as early as March 25.

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